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Love your timeshare? This service isn’t for you! Great memories at your timeshare are ones that you will hold on to forever. This service is for people who have decided they no longer want their vacation timeshare. There may be various reasons why you want to get out of your timeshare such as: too expensive, a family passing, or a change in life circumstances.

Forza Strong

Forza is committed to being advocates for our clients. We understand that some people feel duped, others just can never get what they thought they were purchasing, and others just cannot afford it anymore because of life’s changing circumstances. We are committed to dedicating our staff to achieving our clients’ goals. We offer unparalleled customer service, and our track record speaks for itself. Forza uses various strategies, and we wage an ethical and law-based approach. Everyone deserves to be heard, and to have their concerns or needs fought for. Forza fights for you.

You're Not Alone. Thousands Of Our Clients Have Said...

We Understand Your Situation

"During the presentation there were so many false promises made by the resort."

"I fell victim to signing up for a timeshare from the aggressive sales presentation that lasted over 6 hours."

Don't Let The Resort Industry Hold You Back

"Maintenance fees rise every year, even though we were told that they wouldn't."

"We can never book a vacation with our timeshare. Not even a  year in advance."

Get Back On Track To Financial Wellness

"Since the moment I signed, this has been a huge financial burden to me and my family. I feel like it's a bottomless money pit."

"In the end we did not get what we paid for and wasted so much money."

As Heard On:

Our Satisfied Clients

"The communication was great through every step that had to be taken.
Troy followed up every time there was a bump on the way or when
he received everything paper requested."

Maricela L.

"I'm a satisfied client. I was treated with a lot of respect and
professionalism from our initial contact. I appreciated being kept in
the loop. When the news came that my timeshare contract was ended, I was
overjoyed. Thank you. Job well done."

Dawnette P.

"Always gave me a peace of mind when taking over my case. Every month
they checked in with me and giving me a quick summary of any progress
(even if there was not any). They took care of everything and now I
am free from my timeshare. Thank you."

Daniel I.

"Load has been lifted. Family won’t have to worry about it."

Daniel M.

"We were very pleased with the advice and service we received from
Molfetta Law towards exiting our timeshare obligations. They provided
clear guidance and advice on the process and consulted with us
as we proceeded. The outcome was very welcome!"

Evelyn L.

"I am beyond relieved and thrilled to finally be free of a timeshare!
Molfetta Law contacted me and reviewed my case. They are very
professional and experienced in this area and successfully completed
my timeshare exit. Highly recommend them!"

Suzanne S.

Forza Consumer Group BBB Business Review

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Forza believes all great relationships start with transparency and communication, especially when it comes to sensitive situations like timeshares. There is no one-size-fits all approach when helping you out of your unwanted contract. With years of experience in this field, we know every client has unique obstacles to overcome during the cancellation process. Call us for your free consultation!

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