Gabriel was happy with his timeshare, until...

You Don't Have to be "Stuck" in your Timeshare.

Gabriel was happy with his timeshare and loved to use it with his wife until he lost his high-salary job and his sister lost her husband to cancer. Gabriel’s sister was left with no money from medical bills and a run-down house. 


Gabriel and his wife gave so much money into fixing her home to sell it, and all profit went to his sister. Throughout this, they simply could not afford to go on vacation any longer and were then stuck in a timeshare that they had no use for anymore.

Gabriel asked the resort to release him from his contract. Even with these reasons, the resort still would not allow him to end his timeshare obligations.


The Forza Consumer Group and Molfetta Law work with Gabriel and his wife to exit his timeshare contract.

If circumstances have changed in your life and you think you can no longer go on vacations, you are perfectly within your rights to end your timeshare obligations. Take the first step by booking a call today.

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