How COVID-19 Simplified Timeshare Cancellations

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Time shares are properties that are only related to vacations. And, with COVID-19 surging around the world, vacations are far away from our imaginations now. However, more than getting a new timeshare, our main priority becomes getting out of a tricky timeshare. Generally, timeshare companies make people attracted to their properties by misleading them with their offers. And they never mention their hidden drawbacks like exponentially increasing maintenance fees, and fixed vacation periods. That means if you get into a tricky timeshare, you have to pay a hefty maintenance fee that is drastically rising every year. Also, there are great chances that you become bound to use the timeshare for the same fixed time period every year. If you have other commitments during that period, you no longer have the option to use your timeshare therefore letting it go for that year.

COVID-19 has made every timeshare owner more prone to wanting to get out of their timeshares. Most of them were already planning for the cancellation. Now, they are stuck with paying huge maintenance fees without even being able to travel. Hence, the COVID-19 has boosted the planning for timeshare cancellation. Forza Consumer Group is known for its spectacular portfolio containing the success stories of numerous timeshare cancellations. Our experienced professionals have summarized their views about timeshare cancellation during COVID-19 in the following way.

Consult With Your Developer

Keep in mind that you are not alone in this dilemma about timeshare cancellation during the pandemic. A large number of people are suffering from this situation. As a result, several timeshare companies are updating their terms to offer relaxation to people who are rethinking their contracts. You can also talk to your developer to ask for a relief period or similar options so that you can stabilize your financial condition again. This option usually provides convenient way-outs such as reducing your annual fees or opting for some loan options.

Transferring Is A Great Solution

Trying to sell your timeshare is not always the best solution. Commonly, people who are bound in timeshare complications, try to sell their property. It is a popular way of fooling them into legal complications. Several timeshare companies try not to miss such an opportunity to drag common people into their fraudulent motives by offering bluffs like “easy sell” and other alluring benefits. However, you should always do your research before going for such an offer. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the purchasing powers of most of the population and, the market is in a very unstable condition. In order to sell your timeshare, you first would have to pay off the mortgage completely, which usually takes about ten years to pay off.

Join Hands With Professionals

Timeshare cancellation involves a lot of legal paperwork to be executed with perfection. Any common person without any knowledge of the respective field can never handle such a cumbersome series of legal operations. COVID-19 has even worsened the situation to maintain a good pace in the cancellation process. Hence, you should always employ a reputable timeshare cancellation organization to proceed with the systematic process of canceling your timeshare.

If you look for experienced timeshare cancellation companies, you will surely find the name of Forza Consumer Group among the most popular ones. We have handled several critical legal cases of canceling timeshares for years. You just contact us to join hands with us and experience the smoothest completion of your timeshare cancellation operation. Also, check out our blog page if you want to get more information about timeshares.


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