Timeshare Lawyers: Can Attorneys Get You Out of a Timeshare?

Timeshare Lawyers: Can Lawyers Get You Out of a Timeshare? Forza Consumer Group

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How to get a legal team to help you exit your timeshare contract?

Do you really need a legal team to exit your timeshare contract? The timeshare resort may make it difficult for you to end your legal commitments after the rescission period. In this article, we will explore how a legal team can help in facilitating your timeshare exit. 

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What are Timeshare Exit Attorneys?

Some lawyers have years of experience working in the timeshare exit industry. Their experience makes them experts in various legal strategies to get clients out of their timeshare contract, even after the rescission deadline.

Every timeshare exit case is unique. A competent timeshare exit lawyer and their legal teams examine each case and create a customized strategy to fit the client’s needs.

Do You Need Them to Exit Your Timeshare Ownership?

Timeshare contracts are legal agreements. By signing them, you agree to obey the terms and perform the duties outlined in them. If a resort company is desperate to keep clients, they may not allow timeshare owners to easily get out of this agreement.

You will find a list of your financial obligations in your contract. The timeshare resorts want you to continue paying your dues because this is a source of income. If they allow their timeshare owners to exit easily, they will lose a considerable amount of their recurring revenue. Besides, your contract most likely states that you cannot terminate your timeshare ownership after the rescission period, making it hard to exit your agreement.

Some resorts will use a variety of tactics to keep timeshare owners paying. A timeshare legal team may be able to help if the resorts are making it difficult for you to exit your contract.

Is It Legal to Exit a Timeshare Contract?

Can a Legal Team Help You with Your Timeshare Exit?

Timeshare resorts often want you to contact them if you wish to cancel or exit your timeshare contract. Some resort companies try to persuade timeshare owners that there is no way out of the contract. These companies want timeshare owners to think that the best option is to continue to comply with the contract terms. Many timeshare owners have tried this approach and failed to exit their agreements.

Forza Blog Quote Images from Forbes.com about timeshare exit offices

Suppose you’ve contacted your timeshare resort, and they do not present viable solutions for you to exit. In that case, it may be time to hire a legal team. Timeshare exit lawyers specialize in helping clients get rid of this complicated legal problem. They will study your contract and execute the best strategy.

The laws surrounding timeshare exits vary based on the location of the resort. Legal teams that specialize in this field are more knowledgeable of these laws. Using their experience in timeshare exit cases, they can facilitate your contract exit by negotiating a deal that is most likely amicable with the resort.

Can you cancel a timeshare without a lawyer?

The answer is yes. You can certainly get out of your timeshare without assistance from a legal team. Your success will depend on how receptive the resort is to your request. 


We recommend communicating with the resort first. You want to see for yourself if they will let you off the hook easily. Write them a letter requesting to end your timeshare contract obligations. This one letter can save you thousands of dollars if the timeshare resort allows you to exit your contract. 


In our experience, however, some resorts will try their best to keep the owners paying their maintenance fees. This is where we come in. Together with Molfetta Law, Forza will communicate with the resorts on your behalf. Our legal team is experienced in making resorts listen.  

How much do timeshare lawyers cost?

The cost of timeshare lawyers varies depending on the situation surrounding the timeshare ownership. It can be as low as $2,000 but can also go higher than $7,000 based on several factors. The law firm may increase the cost of its services for clients with multiple timeshares. The price may also be higher for owners who have unpaid dues. The best strategy is to contact a legal team to ask how much they will charge. 


Here at Forza, we will immediately let you know how much it will cost you to use our services after we’ve examined the details of your contract. The consultations are free and straight to the point. 

Unwanted Timeshare? Our Legal Team Can Help

Is the resort giving you a hard time? Let Forza manage your timeshare exit. Together with Molfetta Law, we will negotiate with your resort to release you from your contract.

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4 Reasons to Get a Timeshare Exit Lawyer

In addition to representing your interests in the negotiation process, hiring a legal team also has other advantages.

Why or Reasons to Hire a Timeshare Attorney

1. Protection from Aggressive Debt Collection Practices

Timeshare resorts are notorious for hiring aggressive debt collectors. These companies contact timeshare owners who fail to pay their maintenance fees. The collection tactics of these third-party collectors can become highly invasive if you fail to pay your dues.

This alone is reason enough to hire a timeshare attorney for most people who want out of their timeshare contract.

2. An Experienced Legal Team will Adjust Your Strategy according to Your Specific Situation

The laws governing timeshare exit differ from state to state. The terms stated in timeshare contracts also vary. These are some reasons why there is no clear tutorial on how to exit a timeshare contract online.

To find the best strategy for your specific situation, you can hire experts to examine your contract. The details of your contract hold the key to finding the best exit strategy. Your legal team should be able to guide you through the case based on the details of your timeshare contract.

3. A Legal Team can Save You Money

If your timeshare attorney and their team succeed in getting you out of your contract, you will save money in the long run. The timeshare bills will stop coming once you exit your contract.

In some cases, the legal team may find parts of the agreement that may invalidate the contract and recover some of your money. A good way to know about the best strategies for your specific situation is to contact a timeshare exit team.

4. You've Exhausted Other Options

There are other ways of getting rid of your timeshare. Some people have found success by communicating directly with the resort. Others hired professionals to sell their timeshare to interested buyers. Suppose you have tried these options but failed in getting rid of your timeshare contract. In that case, it may be time to hire an attorney to negotiate your timeshare exit.

Some Legal Teams Offer Free Consultation

Many timeshare owners hesitate to contact timeshare exit teams because of many factors. The potential cost of the legal process is usually one of their primary concerns. Some are not sure if a particular timeshare exit team is a good fit for them.

Companies like Forza have free consultations to make it easier for timeshare owners like you to get started. In this phone call, we want to find out about the specific details of your case. Our representative will explain how Forza could potentially be a good fit for you and your timeshare case.

How to Choose a Timeshare Exit Attorney

What to look for in a timeshare exit attorney and legal team - forza consumer group

1. Find a Team that Specializes in Timeshare Cancellations and Exits

Companies that specialize in timeshare exit and consumer protection have experience in negotiating with prominent resort companies. Their expertise and relationships in this industry will help them identify the best course of action to take to get you out of your contract. 

2. Choose a Team that will Provide a Tailored Timeshare Exit Strategy

When shopping for a legal team to represent you in your battle to exit your timeshare contract, you want to work with a group that inspects the specific details of your agreement.

Ask the legal team how different your situation is from other timeshare exit cases they’ve handled. You could also ask them what steps need to be taken to get you out of your timeshare commitments.

3. Check the Legal Firm’s Track Record

You could also ask the legal team about their success rate in getting their clients out of their contracts. When inspecting newer timeshare exit groups, you may also check their partner law firm. Visit the Better Business Bureau page of both companies to check their BBB ratings. You can also look for online reviews about the firm to learn about other people’s experiences in working with them.

4. Ask about the Price of Your Legal Fees

The whole point of ending your timeshare contract is to stop paying high fees. Let the legal team know if you have a budget in mind. They should be able to work with your budget and help you save money in the long run.

Be careful of timeshare exit teams that tell you to stop paying your maintenance fees and other financial obligations stated in your contract. This practice is illegal and potentially harmful to your credit score.

5. Take the first step with the Free Consultation

The firm’s free consultation service is the first step to finding out if they are a good fit for your needs. You can use the form on the bottom of the page to schedule a free call with Forza. You can tell us your specific concerns about your timeshare contract. We will let you know how the exit process will go, and then you can decide if you want to take this process with us.


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