What to Include in Your Timeshare Cancellation Letter

What to Include in Your Timeshare Termination Letter - Forza Consumer Group

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Signing a new contract is often an exciting time for new timeshare owners.  This excitement usually vanishes the first time the payment notice comes in. Suddenly, the financial obligations written in the contracts become clearer. Owners who did not understand these obligations when they signed the legal agreement may feel buyer’s remorse and hope that they can still undo their actions. 


If you are in this situation, you only have a short time to request a cancellation of your timeshare contract. The first thing you need to do is to send your timeshare resort a cancellation letter. Make sure to print and mail it before the rescission period ends. 

Table of Contents

Consult Your Contract for the Timeshare Cancellation Instructions

A proper timeshare contract should contain cancellation instructions and the rescission period. Consult this section of your contract when creating your cancellation letter to know what types of information to include in the letter. 

This section may also contain the mailing instructions for your cancellation letter. Find the address where you’re supposed to send the letter. 

Take note of the rescission period, also known as the cool-off period, when reading your contract and send your cancellation letter before this period ends. If you are no longer within the cool-off period, you may still have other options to exit your contract. 

If you think that you need to work with a professional timeshare exit consultant, choose one of the options at the bottom of the page to contact our team. Our team will help you get out of this mess.  

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How to Create the Ideal Timeshare Cancellation Letter

1. Organize Your Information

A perfect termination letter doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be as transparent and straightforward as you can make it. A good timeshare exit letter provides everything that a company needs for them to cancel your contract.


When you begin writing your letter, outline all the topics that need to be included in it.  Be sure to explain that you want to cancel the contract following the laws of your state. Defining the reason isn’t essential in every case. But be proactive in mentioning that you need the paid money reimbursed in full and stop making automatic payments on your card. If your timeshare is financed, your letter should say that any financing agreement needs to be void. 


Refer to your contract for the list of information to be included in the letter. Ideally, you may want to have the following in the body of the letter: 


  • The Name of the Timeshare Resort (refer to your contract)
  • The Unique Contract Number
  • Your Timeshare Membership Number
  • The Names on the Contract
  • The Payment Amount 
  • The Date of Purchase 
  • A statement clearly stating that you want to cancel your timeshare contract

You can find these details in the contract, receipts, and any other documents that came with the purchase. 

2. Keep Your Cancellation Letter Simple

  • Subject line: Please provide a clear subject line on your letter. The person who might be going through the letters will be able direct yours to the correct department before reading it. As they have a separate timeshare termination department, your letter would reach them faster.
  • Write a Concise Letter: You don’t need to flaunt your English while writing. Your letter should not involve complex words and should be to the point. Avoid writing long paragraphs or a long story that is not connected to your membership. Mention the important points only.
  • Start with your Contract Details: Your letter should mention all the crucial information, from the date of purchase and ID number. If you fail to say all this at the beginning of the letter, the reader might feel confused, which may lead to delays in the process.
  • Straightforward: Once you have given all your membership details, you must not wait to tell them that you want to cancel your contract due to specific reasons. You don’t need to wait until the very end of your letter to tell them. You need to convey your purpose and let the company know that by being straightforward. Don’t mention their numerous mistakes. Just give reasons for financial issues or inability to use the timeshare; that’s it.
  • Sound confident: Only use confident language if you want to get a positive result. By using unpersuasive language, the timeshare company will notice and use it against you. Don’t use could, please, or request multiple times in the letter, as this doesn’t sound persuasive and confident.
  • Ask for confirmation: Without validation, you have no proof that your contract is canceled. This can create a problem in the long run when you eventually find out that your contract is still active.
  • Don’t forget to sign: Always add a signature and mention the date of the letter upon ending. Also, make sure that the cancellation letter is posted to the address mentioned in your contract and not to the sales center where the timeshare was purchased.

3. Things You Shouldn't Mention

When writing the cancellation letter, remember that this letter will probably pass through and be read by many people within the resort company. Avoid including sensitive personal information in the letter.  

Sensitive information that you should do/ not include:
  • Password protection: Do not write your passwords of any accounts in your letter. Only mention your ID number, name, date of purchase, or any other crucial information.
  • Do not include your credit card number: This might not make sense as you are dropping the membership.
  • Don’t forget to add a return address in your letter:By mentioning the return address, the posting company can return the letter if it doesn’t get delivered.
Don’t Accuse the Resort Yet of Any Wrong Doing.
Often, timeshare owners include accusations of fraud, false advertising, or improper sales practices towards the resort. When faced with such allegations in an official document, the resort company has no other recourse but to deny the claims in the letter and the release of the contract. Otherwise, it may look as if they admit that your claims are true. This may open future potential lawsuits. The resort company will have no choice but to lawyer up to avoid these lawsuits.
Attorney Molfetta explains it best in the video above: “You want to write that letter that’s gonna effectuate the result that you’re looking for… a release.” 

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4. Send It Immediately

You only have a short period to cancel your contract. If you’re sure that the letter contains all the necessary details, mail it immediately to the resort’s cancellation team. 


Keep a copy of your printed letter on file together with the sending details. It also helps if you use a Certified Mail service of the USPS. The USPS will provide you with a receipt that you sent the letter. The receipt may come in handy if the resort denies receiving a letter from you. It proves that you sent your cancellation letter before the rescission period. 


Timeshares aren’t as great as they may seem. If you are stuck, don’t worry, the good news is there are potential ways to exit your timeshare. Call Forza today to protect yourself from the financial stress of owning a timeshare.

5. Document All Future Communications with the Resort Cancellation Team

The resort may contact you a few more times as they work on the cancellation process. Keep a copy of all correspondence between you and the resort’s cancellation team. In all communications, be adamant that you want to cancel your contract and do not want any alternative options. 


Thorough documentation of your communications with the resort will help if the cancellation process becomes a legal matter. 

6. Consider Selling your Timeshare if You Can't Cancel It with the Resort

Not all resort companies have programs set up for people who want to get out of their timeshare. If this is the case, they may recommend that you keep honoring your contract or sell your timeshare ownership to interested buyers. 

7. If All Else Fails, Work with a Professional Timeshare Exit Team

The cancellation process can be quick and painless if the resort’s cancellation team works on it immediately. Some resorts, however, make it difficult for timeshare owners to cancel their contracts. If this happens to you, one of your options is to work with a professional timeshare exit team like Forza. 


If you need help getting out of your timeshare contract, click one of the options below to contact us. 


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