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Can I sell my timeshare?

Short answer is yes... HOWEVER there is virtually no demand on the secondary market.

​Selling is almost impossible. You can get a better idea of fair market value for your timeshare by looking at Ebay listings. Some frustrated timeshare clients have been known to sell their interest for as little as $1 just so that they can cut free from the burdensome, continually rising maintenance fees. It is also important to note that the resorts usually require their customers to completely pay off their timeshare mortgage and all accrued maintenance fees in full before they can attempt to sell.
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I have heard that I need to be careful with exit companies. How do I know who to trust?

You can trust us.

We have heard about timeshare exit companies that are unreliable, or charge exorbitant prices. You can count on three things. First, the consumer advocacy mission of Forza to protect their clients’ best interests. Second, we partner with noted and trusted attorneys at Molfetta Law, a California State Bar Certified Law Firm. Third, we offer reasonable prices. We believe you should have the right to cut free from your unfair, binding contract.
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Ok, so how is Forza different?

Forza Consumer Group works with the best in Legal Teams.

Forza is the only company that will contribute a portion of their fees to apply towards cancellation fees that might occur during the exit process if requested at the time you sign up with Forza. Molfetta Law and select other attorneys continues to seek creative avenues to get our clients out of their timeshare the most efficient way possible.


Will I need to pay a settlement fee to the timeshare?

We are here to help you get out of your timeshare burden.

Our goal is to get you out, and sometimes that comes with a cancellation fee from the resort. We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency.  When you sign up and request, we will keep part of your payment to us in reserve so that we can apply it towards any additional costs the resort may charge for canceling your contract. We focus on advocating for our clients. This is one of the ways we have established ourselves as the leaders in the industry.

Unwanted Timeshare?

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